Park Gradac Soon in the Long-Awaited New Look

During the press conference and presentation of the upcoming Park Gradac project at the Small City Hall, the contract was signed determining the maintenance and arrangement of the Gradac Park plateau.

“Gradac plateau is located in a prominent position near the historic city centre, together making the panorama of Dubrovnik. This project primarily includes the renovation of the plateau base consisting of decorative concrete confirmed by the Conservative Department. Landscaping of the plateau and the installation of lighting fixtures is organized without light pollution, precipitation drainage or automatic irrigation,” said Lea Đurović-Ruso.

The contract was signed by Sanitat and contractor Texo Molior, and the works should start this week with the 120 days deadline. The parking lot now present at Gradac park will continue to exist with the same number of parking spaces and will be allowed only for the citizens of Dubrovnik.

“The edge along the existing vegetation as well as the central part of the plateau will flourish with indigenous species of vegetation. The project also includes the implementation of large trees whose roots will be protected by a cell system application very popular throughout the world,” added Mia Erak from Studio Landa.

“This project has been a long-awaited vision. It will certainly give us a whole new look, which will ultimately mean the beautification of our city,” concluded Mayor Mato Franković.

Photo: Zvonimir Pandža