Parties, Festivals, and Acrobats Will Spice Up the Summer in Revelin

Different, unique, innovative… with these words, we can explain this year’s programme of Culture Club Revelin, the 75th club on the list of the most famous clubs in the entire world. So what is new in Revelin? The new summer season in Revelin starts on the 3rd of June, and the central star of the spectacular opening party is DJ Seizo. Same as in the previous years, Revelin will this year combine different kinds of art, so except for many famous DJ’s, visitors will be able to watch spectacular shows like ‘Visionar event’ on 4th of June. The Visual Event is a performance of Italian acrobats and dancers which are known all around the globe, so their show is going to be (probably) the hottest thing Dubrovnik has ever seen.

On the night of 15th of June, the project DanceElectric Residency enters the new season, and two days after the club will welcome Nicola Fasano. Franky Rizardo’s party is scheduled for 24th of June.


Two big festivals will complete this year’s summer offer – DJ Mag from 21st to 23rd July, and ‘Revelin festival’ from 11th to 13th August, which will host amazing Fedde Le Grand.
The new project called #TheWeekend will be organised at the beginning of September. From 2nd to 4th September Revelin will invite some labels to present their musicians to the Croatian audience and the first name to be displayed in CC Revelin will be Toolroom Live.  It seems like the upcoming summer will be hot and crazy, so pack up your suitcases and buy a ticket for Dubrovnik.