Photo Gallery: ‘And the Winner is…’ / Closing Ceremony of This Year’s DUff

The lovely and unique Dubrovnik Film Festival, an idea that started five years ago, when a bunch of enthusiasts started to think about the idea of bringing children, young people and everyone interested in ‘The Seventh Art’ together, was closed this Sunday with the awards and screening of the winning movies.

Here are the awards:

In a competition of a fiction film under 15 yrs, special mention award goes to the film ‘Most/The Bridge’ and the main award goes to the ‘Paso a Paso’, because jury was touched by the minimalist and sensitive translation of one of the most heartbreaking conflicts one can have, the conflict between loneliness and love.

Above 15 yrs, the ‘special mention’ goes to ‘E moj Luka/O dear Luka’, and the main award goes to the film ‘Kad padne mrak/After the Dark’ for a daring visual storytelling about a kid who faces a world that offers no direction.

In a competition of the Documentary film under the 15 yrs, special mention goes to the film ‘Memories of the Sensitive Sea and City’, and the main award goes to the film ‘Korita/Basins’ for a simple, straightforward and effective directing approach to a really authentic subject.

Above 15 yrs, special mention goes to the fim ‘Dug/Debt’, and the main award for the film ‘Dezerirani Karlovac/Abandoned Karlovac’, for a visually sensitive rediscovering of a forgotten and neglected places.
In a competition of Animated films under 15 yrs, special mention award was given to the ‘100 % vuna/100 % cotton’ and ‘Alisa/Alice’. The main award went to ‘A Rena Bela’ for an valuable artistic approach, colorful poetry at the service of a well developed story.

In the same category above 15 yrs, the main award goes to the film ‘Nos e Mundo’, and the jury was impressed by the risk the makers took by turning a mosaic and fragmented content into a consistent and poetic vision of a children’s world.

In the OPEN category, the main award goes to the film ‘Creme Caramel’ for a love story which was conveyed thorugh a visually intriguing metaphore, and the GRAND PRIX award goes to the film ‘Hano, Hano, Hanice’ – the jury was stunned by the quality of the film on all levels and as they told us, they felt as they were a part of the film!

The audience award goes to the ‘local’ film – ‘Unutar zidina/Inside the City Walls’, made by Female Dormitory ‘Paola di Rosa’ from Dubrovnik, and the ‘Children Award’ goes to the film ‘Ja sam rojen da mi (ne) bude lipo/I was born (not) to be blessed’.

After the several days of stunning ‘seventh art’ days, one can add just one more thing – we can’t wait for the sixth DUff!