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Photo Gallery: Second Day of Du Motion & Dubrovnik Half Marathon

Ante Živković from Metković and Lucia Kimani from Bosnia and Herzegovina are the winners of this year’s Dubrovnik Half Marathon held on the second day of Du Motion, biggest Dubrovnik’s sporting manifestation. Živkovic had a 21.5 kilometer run for 1:16:02 minutes while Kimani needed 1:25:01 minutes.

DuMotion 32

After the half marathon a charity run was held as well. Miloš Mikić from Montenegro was the fastest runner and in the women’s competition Marina Lončar. Mikić went on track for 19:11, while Lončar raced for exactly 22 minutes.
In total, 800 runners participated in this year’s Dubrovnik Half Marathon, and in our photo gallery, enjoy the second day of Du Motion!