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[Photo Gallery] The Ukrainian Olympic Boxing Team in Dubrovnik

The Idea to Bring the Ukranian National Team was Initiated by the New Gladiator Coach Sergej Vakeryn

The Ukrainian Olympic boxing team was invited to Dubrovnik by our MMA club Gladiator Croatia, and this Monday an open friendly training for boxers, including current world champions, was organized.

‘We are honored to host them here. It is a great promotion for the club, but also for the City of Dubrovnik. I think that in the future great fighters will come here because they have all the conditions for training’, said Maro Perak from the Gladiator Club.

The training was attended by Sergei Dmitrievich Gorskov, international master of sports and three-time Ukrainian champion, European runner-up in 2018 and finalist of the international tournament class A ‘Strandža’ 2022. Gorskov is multiple champion and winner of international class A tournaments. He is also a member of the Olympic team.

Yaroslav Sergeevich Khartsyz, a master of sports of international class in boxing, three-time champion of Ukraine under age 22, but also a participant in the Olympic Games in Tokyo, was alsso in Dubrovnik. Khartsytz is also in the Ukrainian Olympic team.

Yuriy Valentinovich Zakhareyev is the winner of the European U22 Championships in Poreč, where he was named the best boxer of the championship, and is the only boxer in the history of amateur boxing to win the World Youth Championships and the World Senior Championships the same year. He is also a member of the Ukrainian Olympic team, just like Robert Pavlovich Marton, a multiple champion and winner of international Class A tournaments.

As Maro Perak stated, the initiative to bring the Ukranian national team was initiated by the new Gladiator coach Sergej Vakeryn. This was the opportunity to present the newly opened Dubrovnik Boxing Club.