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Place Where Magic Starts: Exclusive Visit to The First Escape Room in Dubrovnik

Just Dubrovnik team did something very thrilling a few days ago – we visited first Dubrovnik Ecape Room!

Excited and agog, we went into the ‘Alchemy lab: In search of wildfire’, and managed to solve it in about… Well, you thought we’re going to tell you? Nope.

But, we will provide some information about this entertaining new offer in town, introduced to us by owner Bogdan Dascalescu, who, together with his partner Diana Marlais started this unusual, but very commendable story.
Except crazy ‘Alchemy lab’, Bogdan told us that they soon plan to open Dubrovnik themed room: ‘Ragusian Republic: in pursuit of liberty’. Stay tuned…

‘Alchemy lab’ is inspired by Game of thrones. ‘Uh – oh’, we thought, ‘We don’t know all the GOT details, now what?!’ But when Bogdan said ‘Don’t worry, it is just inspired by Game of thrones, we entered this world with curiosity, team spirit (strongly recommended), and determined to save the city from attack.

If you’re local and reading this, you have 30 percent off, and 50 percent during the May. If you’re not, prices are also very acceptable, and for every pocket. 230 kunas per two players, 215 kunas per three players, 200 kunas – four players, and 185 kunas for five players. Reserve your adventure on the official Facebook page, official Dubrovnik Escape Room page and also here: 097 6442 145 (Bogdan).

Before writing to Bogdan, read the rules!

– Look everywhere! Everything can be solution, observe, take a look at the details.
– Use your brain. Think & connect! Talko to each other, be organized, follow each other.
– Do not use the force to solve the quests! Force is not necessary!
– Do not touch things not connected to room, such as wires, cables…
– The last & most important rule: Enjoy your adventure!