Popular Good Food Festival to Spice Up the End of September

The seventh annual Good Food Festival, a gastronomic happening for all fine quality food lovers, will once again this year be organized by the Dubrovnik Tourist Board. The popular event will be held from September 24 to September 27.

This year’s program will include the traditional Restaurant Week with festival menus, special breakfast offer, gastro tours, wine tasting, sweet festival offer, workshops in the “Deša” organization, festival summer cinema program, delicious “BarBaQ” event in the Dubrovnik Beer Company brewery and other gastronomic delicacies.

It is a known fact that the gastronomy of the Dubrovnik region presents a marvelous and intriguing adventure for visitors all around the world. Given the announcement of incoming flights from various world countries in that period, we hope this year’s Good Food Festival will be a wonderful success to the joy of all Dubrovnik’s guest and their hosts.