Popular writer William Paul Young greeted his readers in Dubrovnik

Canadian writer and author of novels ‘The Shack’ and ‘Milestone’, William Paul Young, visited Dubrovnik where he presented Croatian publication of his books. ‘Dubrovnik is beautiful, especially at night when it reveals all its mysteries. I am delighted that I am here, in this City,” he addressed his fans. The author talked about his books in which he offers answers to various questions, mostly about God, good and evil in this world.

‘The Shack is a part of my past. In the book I wanted to offer a different image of God, the image of his father. It took me a second to realise the image of God, and about 15 years to wipe my fathers face from God’s face’, he noted. He added that his view of God was different from the God they talk about in religious institutions.

‘I imagine God as a plump black woman. My mother had a problem with such imagery of God of mine. When the book appeared she called my sister and told her ‘Your brother is a heretic.’Later she changed her mind.’ explained the writer.

At the end of the audience he said: ‘I am honoured to be here to meet you, and sign the book. Thank you for taking the time of your life for me. You can make your own decisions. Do not let them be something too thoughtful, let them be something you want to face today; because today is the day of your grace. Besides the future is an unknowable mystery. ‘ said popular writer to his lovers.