PornHub discovered: Croats are very active on their site

An average visitor from Croatia spends around 8,7 minutes on PornHub, the most popular website with free pornographic content. But inhabitants of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County, Primorsko-Goranska, and Zagrebacka County are above average – they spend much more time on this site, said Nacional.
In many countries, such as Great Britain, Pornhub is mostly visited during late night hours while the things are quite the opposite in Croatia. Pornographic sites are being visited in the middle of the day, between 14 and 16 PM.
Croats are usually looking for the term – ‘English’! Their interest is somewhat lower on New Year’s Eve, when around 51 percent of Croatians visits porn portals and on Christmas Eve when interest rate drops to 37 percent. Most Croats, 57 % of them, are surfing sites on computers, around 39 percent access them via smartphones while only four percent access via tablet. The general world average is different and is 11 percent via a tablet, 45 percent via smartphones and 44 percent, over the computer.