‘Rethinking Tourism’: Celebration of The World Tourism Day in Dubrovnik

World Tourism Day 2022 Has Been Marked on September 27 Since 1970

The traditional concert on the occasion of World Tourism Day, organized by the Dubrovnik Tourist Board and the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra, was held in Marin Držić theatre.

Tereza Kesovija, worldwide known diva from Konavle, sang with Buco Pende, accompanied by the Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra, which was conducted by maestro Ivan Hut.

Tereza delighted the audience and she made everyone laugh, especially when she was looking for the mayor Mato Franković among the audience, because, as she said, the most important person in the family called the ‘City of Dubrovnik’ is its mayor.

The official occasion for the concert was, of course, The World Turism Day, but the ‘unofficial’ reason was to celebrate the return of tourism and tourists with the hope that the next season will be even better than this one, also a very successful one. The theme for World Tourism Day 2022 is ‘Rethinking Tourism’.

World Tourism Day 2022 has been marked on September 27 since 1970 globally. This day is celebrated annually to promote tourism in various parts of the world.