From the sleigh to Stradun: Santa resting in Dubrovnik!

The most attractive person in the world, the real Santa Claus excited people of Dubrovnik today – on its journey around the world he came to the Stradun to spend some time with the citizens of the Pearl of the Adriatic. After the perfect morning in the heart of the city, Santa went to Lazareti to take participate at children workshops organized by his elves.
‘Dubrovnik hasn’t only warm weather. It also has the warm people that carry Christmas in their hearts.’ said Santa Claus.
Grandpa from Lapland will stay in Dubrovnik until tomorrow when he will sit in his sleigh again to continue a journey and bring some happiness to the other children of the world. Before he leaves, ‘the old man’ will visit kids in Dubrovnik hospital. Bravo, Santa!