Shakespeare or when the magic comes to Fort Lovrjenac

‘Lovrijenac is amazing and the nicest possible stage to play Shakespeare at; enchanting and inspiring for all of us. The play is about love; all of us can identify with the crazy state of being in love. We all enjoyed in the creation of this magic show and preparing for its premiere’, said Helen Tennison, the director of the ‘Twelfth Night’ at the premiere of the play. The play was performed as a part of the Midsummer festival.

And we absolutely agreed with her! During the premiere, the atmosphere at Fort Lovrijenac was magical, ambience was incredible, as well as actors. They did their best even though the rain paused the play after the first break.

Actors were lead by a Croatian with an English address, Philip Krenus. Other casts were Emma Fenney in the role of Marie, Helen Millar as Olivia, Helen Watkinson in the role of Viola. Captain was played by Tom Michael Blyth, James Burton was Curia, Jason Eddy in the role of Orsinia, and George Olivier was in three parts: Valentina, Feste and Sebastian.

The play is scheduled on every evening from 20th June to the 4th of July. All performances will be held at 9:30 pm at the Fort of St. Lawrence or in the Marin Drzic Theatre (in case of rain).