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Sound of the Sea Exhibition Opens

Dubrovnik’s  Natural History Museum is home to a new exhibition titled “The sound of the sea”. The exhibition brings together 237 species of molluscs which form a collection which was started in the 19th Century. The collection is one of the oldest the museum has.

Much of the collection was put together by museum founder Antun Drobac, Fr . Ivan  Kuzmić , Baldo Kosic and Spiridion Brusina.

Of the 237 species of molluscs (mollusca) that form the collection, 185 are exotic species and 52 come from the Adriatic Sea . This exhibition  marks the fifth anniversary of the reopening of the museum.

Molluscs are , as outlined in the catalog that accompanies the exhibition , a group that includes highly diverse individuals with fascinating colors and shapes that are found in all types of habitats . Although their name, characterizes  their soft body, one of their main features are their shells, which are excreted .