Stradun is Closed, Set is Prepared, Lights are On! Shooting of Star Wars Just Started!

The shooting of the eight part of globally popular film series Star Wars started tonight.
Dubrovnik Mayor Andro Vlahušić said today that the Stradun was going to be closed from today to 17th of March.
– I am happy because the people who live in Stradun signed about 120 contracts of confidentiality without any major problems. I am also pleased by the fact that local workers did over 70 percent of the work here in Dubrovnik. Our people made the whole set or most of it’ said Dubrovnik mayor Andro Vlahušić. Otherwise, the recording of Star Wars in Dubrovnik will run from today until 17 March, and will be filmed in the late afternoon or evening hours. Many security guards will keep the set safe.