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‘SVI VLAHOVI LJUDI’: Marvellous Photo Project by DuList Brought all St Blaise’s Namesakes Together

Thanks to all the namesakes of our Divine protector and Patron Saint, Saint Blaise, the monumental photographic project orchestrated by DuList was an extraordinary success! The magnificent monograph edition ‘Svi Vlahovi ljudi’ (‘All Blaise’s People’) that follows will surely glorify the upcoming celebratory 1050th anniversary of our Patron with pride and honor, just as it should be.

It was majestic to see the oldest namesakes of Vlaho (Blaise) among us, Mr. Vlaho Suhor being one of them and he’s only 82 years old. A special delight was certainly the arrival of young families who continue the grand tradition of worshiping our heavenly protector, bringing their youngest family members to Stradun, with some of them yet to turn one in January 2022. Our project went beyond the borders not only of Dubrovnik but also of our country. Blaženka arrived all the way from Mostar to stand proudly among Vlaho’s namesakes and create a lifelong memory.

The monographic edition ‘Svi Vlahovi ljudi’ will be out in a month, and the names of all who participated today will permanently be inscribed in it.

To all those who elevated today’s event with their presence, all Vlaho’s namesakes and their families, our fantastic DuList team, and all who came to enjoy the awesome atmosphere in front of the Church of St Blaise – you delighted us, brought us to tears and made us laugh.  And to those who so eagerly wanted to be with us today but were prevented, we’re sure you were with us in spirit, all to the great glory of Saint Blaise!

Photo: Dubravko Lenert