Tradition and people

Sweets for my sweet

One of the things we most enjoy about Christmas time is all the delicious food and treats on offer. Dubrovnik delicacies come in to their own at this time of year proudly sitting on many a table top awaiting visitors who will sample them over a coffee or something stronger!

Desa, a local organisation which runs workshops and training for Dubrovnik people, has once again this year organised a sweet treats workshop in time for the festive period. Attendees will learn how to make traditional Dubrovnik treats such as mantala (grape and walnut cake), kontonjata (quince cheese), and mjendule (candied almonds). On the 14th of December a judging panel will decide which treats have come out tops with every one invited to submit their home made goods.

With a different workshop every day before judging on Friday, there’s plenty of opportunity to try your hand at something new under the guidance of local experts.