The 3D virtual Walk Around the Drinking Water Purifier

Enjoy the 3D virtual walk around the drinking water purifier located in Komolac, nearby Dubrovnik, on the official web page of Vodovod Dubrovnik, city’s public water company. They’ve published the 3D virtual walk this Tuesday, and made it possible for anyone who wants to visit this crucial facility from the comfort of their homes, providing a safe supply of drinking water to Dubrovnik.

Note that the drinking water in Dubrovnik is of very good quality, constantly controlled, and comes mostly from the Ombla river, 5 km from Dubrovnik. Yet sometimes during the heavy rains it used to a bit lower quality, thus the City of Dubrovnik decided to invest in this water purifier so that Dubrovnik citizens can have clean water in all weather conditions.

Enjoy the 3D walk here.