The British Finally Abolish Quarantine and the Mayor Invites Them to Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik Mayor Mato Franković issued a statement to Times Radio in which he invited all our dear British guest to pack their bags and set a course for Dubrovnik where a real, warm summer awaits them and with no crowds at sight, making it a perfect opportunity for a great vacation.

Following the British Government’s decision, as of July 19, those returning from countries on the “yellow list” and those vaccinated twice or under 18, will no longer have to endure the 10-day self-isolation after returning to the country, which also includes return from now “green listed” Croatia. For Dubrovnik, this decision is of great importance, given that the British hold the leading position in the number of all tourist arrivals to Dubrovnik.

Talking to the news reporter Carole Walker, the Mayor also clarified the epidemiological side of vacationing in our City, pointing out that masks should still be worn indoors, and for clubs that gather more visitors it is necessary to have proof of a negative test or received two doses of vaccine.

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