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The Car that Exceeds Limits: Rimac Automobili Presented Nevera in Dubrovnik

Rimac Automobili introduced the next generation of performance and the evolution of the hyper car – Nevera, and they did it precisely in Dubrovnik. After the media presentation, where the world media came to Zadar and Pag, they all came to Dubrovnik for three days, where Rimac Automobili introduced its customers and potential buyers to the company and its cars in different ways.

Over 25 private planes landed at Dubrovnik Airport and about 80 people came to Dubrovnik, from USA, Europe to Japan, to see and try out the currently most famous car in the world, which was great considering the current travel restrictions. In three days of presenting the car in the Dubrovnik Sun Gardens, all potential customers had the opportunity to drive the car on the road, to configure it, choose colours and ultimately sit down with Rimac designers and order their vehicle.

Nevera is a pure electric hyper car with 1900 hp. It reaches 0 to 100 in less than two seconds, and up to a quarter mile in less than nine seconds, making it the most powerful car ever produced and the fastest accelerating car ever on the road. The most important medium in the car industry, Top Gear, rated the Nevera with perfect ratings.

The Nevera coupe is limited to 150 pieces, each priced at 2 mil euros and most components are manufactured in Croatia for which Rimac Automobili is especially proud of.

Photo: instagram/rimac_automobili