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Linđo as an Irreplaceable Part of the Festival’s Repertoire

Linđo Folklore Ensemble has existed for almost 50 years at has always been one of the symbols of the city of Dubrovnik, while their folklore performances have been featured on the Festival’s program for decades. Linđo Folklore Ensemble gathers approximately 300 young people who dance wearing priceless traditional costumes. Linđo has had guest performances all around the world and in Europe and they have won numerous awards, which earned them a place among the best European folklore ensembles. On the Fort Revelin Terrace Linđo presents folk dances and songs of Dubrovnik and area but also from all other parts of the country, which testify Croatia’s rich cultural and folklore heritage.

Linđo will perform on 31st July and on 9th, 13th and 16th August at the Revelin Fort Terrace. Tickets are available online and at the box offices at the Festival Palace and on Stradun at the price of 150 and 175 kuna.

Source: Dubrovnik Summer Festival