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‘The Long Voyage’: Chinese Maritime Silk Road Exhibition in Lazareti

Interesting exhibition ‘The Long Voyage’ from the Museum of Fujian in China comes to Dubrovnik from 21st to 25th of September, and will be held in Lazareti.

The exhibition depicts amazing Chinese maritime Silk Road, a path of peace linking the ancient civilizations of East and West and their commercial, cultural and artistic exchange.

From the Southeast, to the South and West Asia, East Africa and across the Red Sea to Europe, this path connected many ports along the way.


This exhibition will display photographs of historical objects that testify to the importance and contribution of China to the development of human civilization.

Exquisite Chinese achievements in art, science, philosophy… Have roots in the history of old paths and roads and this exhibition presents the timeless splendor of ancient Chinese civilization. We can’t wait to see it, and more info will be published soon.