The New Edition of the Dubrovnik Museums: Bilingual Catalogue ‘Ancient Cyprus’

Bilingual catalog ‘Ancient Cyprus from the collection of the Archaeological Museum in Dubrovnik’ is the new edition of the Dubrovnik Museums, and the author is the curator Ivona Michl.

This valuable catalog offers the collection of the Archaeological Museum, part of Dubrovnik Museums and contains 126 items incurred in Cypru, ranging from the Bronze Age to the Hellenistic era.

Most of the collection consists of items from the Middle and Late Bronze Age Cypriot Culture, made in the period from 1900th to 1050th BC, while a smaller number from the second half of the first millennium BC. In prehistoric and the time Cyprus has produced some of the best pottery that Mediterranean has ever seen, and this 82 pages catalogue provides information about Cyprus through history, the origins research, chronology, ceramic styles…

It is available in the museum shop in the Rector’s Palace and the Fort Revelin, and the price is 129 kuna. Read all the info about Dubrovnik Museums here!