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Thematic Guided Tour: ‘750 years of the Statute of the City of Dubrovnik’

Various Programmes Will Mark the 2022 as the 'Year of the Statute'

Thematic guided tour of the city, on the occasion of the 750th anniversary of the Statute of the City of Dubrovnik, is an introduction to various programmes that will mark the current year as the ‘Year of the Statute’.

This programme is organized by the City of Dubrovnik, the Dubrovnik Tourist Board and Dubrovnik cultural institutions.

The thematic tour of Dubrovnik, organized by the Dubrovnik Tourist Board, is conducted by author and guide Lidija Begić, and will be organized free of charge for visitors and citizens, every Saturday at 10 am in Croatian and midday in English, from the 19th of February to the end of the month and during March and April, with mandatory prior notice of participation.

In the ‘Year of the Statute of the City of Dubrovnik’, get acquainted with this basic legal document that lasted for 500 years and discover how it influenced the creation of the city as we know it today. There are no legends or free interpretations in the legal literature, but historical facts from many chapters of the Statute tell us about the life of all levels of Dubrovnik’s society with all its flaws and virtues and the organization of government in maintaining fair relations.

Walking through the cobbled streets of Dubrovnik, find out in both an interesting and instructive way, whether families clashed over inheritance similar to modern times, whether we find a building permit in medieval Dubrovnik, who were foreigners in 13th century Dubrovnik and which animals are mentioned in legal regulations.

Due to epidemiological measures, the number of participants is limited, so we kindly ask you to confirm your arrival on Fridays until 5pm, by e-mail: or via phone on +385 (0)20312011.