Under the Radar: European Hidden Islands

First One on the List is Lopud Nearby Dubrovnik

Europe presents many reasons to hop off the storied continent. From the lava caves of Pico to the sun-baked beaches of Pantelleria, soak up seascapes, fishing villages, and local lore in these little-known havens’, National Geographic team writes in their article Escape to these under-the-radar European islands’.

First one on the list is Lopud island nearby Dubrovnik.

The carless island Lopud in the Elaphiti chain was once the summertime retreat of aristocrats from the mainland. Today it attracts day-trippers heading to its horseshoe-shaped Šunj beach and exploring medieval ruins. Don’t miss the art-filled 15th-century Franciscan monastery in the village of Lopud, they stated. From magical Greece to the impressive Scotland – follow the route here.