Unusually High Temperatures Allured the Bravest of Swimmers

It has been a warm few days, fairly unexpected in Dubrovnik for this time of year. Looking back on the last few years, the temperatures in Dubrovnik on January 1, would usually vary from 12 to 15° C, while this year it jumped all the way up to 20.7 ° C. This is the highest temperature measured on that date in the last eight years, and this interesting fact was pointed out by the Dubrovnik meteorologist Daniel Pavlinović.

Global warming or not, it didn’t matter much to our fellow citizens who gladly decided to take advantage of this unusual situation and, you guessed it, take a quick new year’s dip in our crystal Adriatic. We’ll let you imagine just how low the sea temperature is this time of year, but nothing seemed to be able to distract the brave swimmers from their plan on Copacabana and Banje beach. It is said here in Dubrovnik that cold sea heals all kinds of health problems, so if you find yourself strolling down Stradun looking for a new adventure, remember, Banje beach is just around the corner!