Victory Over the Enemies: Honoring the Life and Work of Marin Držić

The second theatre premiere at the 68th Festival is Marin Držić – Victory Over the Enemies, directed by Ivica Boban after the dramaturgical concept by Hrvoje Ivanković is in a way closing this year’s Dubrovnik Summer Festival, performed in the Music School Park.

The play revolves around the life, work, and destiny of the great Renaissance playwright Marin Držić, whose 450th anniversary of death we mark this year. With equal portions of facts, assumptions, and fantasy, the play ludically explores Marin Držić’s relation with his contemporaries, and with ethical and social paradigms of his time. Držić himself is in this play both as a play-writer and a character from his plays – dum Marin and Pomet, and Vidra and Negromant – and is masterfully played by Ozren Grabarić.

Other members of the Festival Drama Ensemble are Maro Martinović, Branimir Vidić – Flika, Doris Šarić Kukuljica, Danijel Ljuboja, Jure Radnić, Romano Nikolić, Mateo Videk, Nika Lasić, Glorija Dubelj and the students at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb Petra Svrtan, Iva Kraljević, Ivana Gulin, Robert Španić, Marin Klišmanić, Ugo Korani and Josip Brakus.