Video & Photo Gallery: ‘Dance Rhapsody’ in Rector’s Palace

‘Art Without Borders’, Croatian – Russian socitey, held the beautiful concert last night in Rector’s palace, together with Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra.

On the concert named ‘Dance Rhapsody’, students of the balet school showed their beautiful dance moves,  accompanied with musicians Elvira Gailoullina (violin), Helena Tomaskovic (piano), Damir Butigan (trumpet), Karmen Pervitic (percussion), Dive Franetovic Kuselj (flute) and Adrian Ivcevic (cello).

Program included the works of K.S. Hacuturjan, P.I. Cajkovski, A.F. Goedick, H. Soderberg, V.A. Gavrilin, B. Papandopulo, G. Faure and A. Vivaldi…

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