Video & Photo Gallery: ‘Uncle Maroye Re-Examined’ Travels to Gdanjsk

Adapted and directed by Paolo Tišljarić, based on Uncle Maroye by Marin Držić and translated by Filip Krenus, the amazing story about one of Dubrovnik’s most important works of literature – Uncle Maroye – travels to Gdańsk, to be a part of the the main programme of Gdańsk Shakespeare Festival 2019.

The rearranged fragments of the play are set at Rector’s Palace, where the comedy was first performed in 1551.
The composer is Žarko Dragojević and the sound design is arranged by Milan Tomašić.

In this version, uncle Maroye, Bokchilo, Maro, Laura, Sadi, Ugo, Scoffer Feast and Petruniella become modern people, driven by the motives contained in their Renaissance characters. Our adaptation of the text cuts radically into the structure of this classic text, searching within it the space for a brave interplay on the stage. We will return Držić’s plot from Rome to Dubrovnik, placing it in the context of a decadent party (centered around an opuletly set banqueting table), that will culminate with the most famous prologue in Croatian theatre history – the prologue of Long Nose – which opens the end of the show to different interpretations of this classical text. The ​play has been translated by Filip Krenus and it will be performed in English, bringing Držić closer to the public.

Marin Držić is one of the greatest European Renaissance playwrights, and a Dubrovnik native, while this modern piece is a co-production of House of Marin Držić, Marin Držić Theatre and Midsummer Scene Festival, directed by Paolo Tišljarić and performed by the Festival ensemble. Midsummer Scene Festival marks the beginning of the summer in Dubrovnik, and here is the main info about the lovely Shakespearean evenings in Dubrovnik.