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Video & Photo Gallery: We Love Flash Mobs Like These

Dubrovnik’s popular dance studio 3V organized a big celebration on the occasion of their 10th birthday. Party was held on Stradun, in front of the St. Blaise Church, where the members of the studio organized a flash mob performance. The performance on the song ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ by the legendary Queen lasted 6 minutes, and it was attended by 100 dancers and dancers.

As part of the 10th birthday celebration, in two weeks, the studio will announce a dance programme as a sum of 10 years of the most successful and award-winning choreography.

Dance Studio 3V name comes from the Latin phrase ‘Valeo, Valui, Valiturus’ which means ‘Be strong, Have power, Be well’. It was founded as an association based on promoting dance disciplines in Dubrovnik, raising the quality of life and promoting physical activity. 3V dance studio is led by dancer Viktoria Miletić for ten years and brings together a large number of children and young people. Excellent!