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[Video&Photo Gallery] This is Festa…

Gunfire from Dubrovnik’s Trombunjeri in the morning at the Old Harbour market the grand opening of 1051st Festa – Thw Festivity of St. Blaise.. Following solemn high mass at 10 am the traditional procession as part of the celebrations in honor of Saint Blaise on his feast day began.

Everybody wanted to take part in the procession and catch a glimpse of the city’s patron saint’s relics.  The feast day of Saint Blaise is Dubrovnik’s most important day where citizens honor their patron saint.

In our extensive photo gallery Just Dubrovnik covered opening and closing of this year’s Festa, one of the shortest so far. People in traditional nošnja costumes from Primorje, Župa and Konavle as well as Dubrovnik’s Tombunjeri walked on Stradun, and on Sunday, the Festivity was closed with remarkable celebration in honor to our patron saint.