“We are watching you, so beware”

Life in the City is not easy at all. In winter, you feel as the last Mohican, and in summer, everyone else is more important than you are. And that includes chairs and tables growing like mushrooms after the rain, many a resident of the Old Town nucleus would say.

The life of residents in the Old Town nucleus is not easy at all. An innovative note placed on the entrance to one of the houses in Karmen, in Ispod Mira Street, proves that.

Namely, the residents of Karmen have enormous problems with tourists that do not respect the City they are visiting. Before leaving Lower Buža, they use the street as their toilet, just next to the entrance door where we have found the note.

Since no one pays too much attention to such trifles, neither municipal authorities nor police, because Karmen is far from sight, our inventive citizens had a thought to share with rude foreigners: This street is not your toilet. We are watching you, so beware.