Weather Forecast: Sunny, Rainy, Sunny, Rainy…

It’s mid-September and the weather is more than ideal for swimming. But according to forecast by DHMZ, this week might be not-so-perfect. During this Monday, it will be sunny and a bit cloudy, while on Tuesday and Wednesday, short-term rainfall are expected, with thunderstorms expected.

Mr. Sc. Dragoslav Dragojlović from Croatian Meteorological and Hydrological Service (DHMZ) points out that it will be mostly sunny in the south of Croatia this Monday, with slightly lower daily air temperatures than Sunday, and with mostly light northwest wind.

‘On Tuesday, there will be light rain, while on Wednesday the weather will be variable and unstable with showers and thunderstorms, on Thursday – mostly in Dalmatia. On Friday and Saturday it will be mostly sunny. A light to moderate southwest wind will blow, and bura (NW) will blow on Wednesday in the north, which will increase at the end of the day and spread throughout the coast on Thursday, weakening at the end of Friday, Dragojlović predicts for HRT.

Real time forecast by DHMZ can be found here.