What a Pity: Traditional Wild League Won’t Be Up For Enjoyment This Year

The thirty-seventh edition of Dubrovnik’s famous water polo Wild League had been canceled due to the current epidemiological conditions, despite the organizers’ efforts to bring it to life in a different setting. The tournament’s organizer Toni Vlašić confirmed the unfortunate news for Dulist.

“The Wild League was canceled for well-known reasons. We failed to find a solution on how to play the decided number of matches we tried to reduce the competition to,” said Vlašić.

“Having the entire epidemiological situation in mind, there was no room for a different decision. No one is happy with how the situation turned out as we tried to delay the tournament as long as we could, in hopes it would in the end still be realized,” Vlašić concluded.

Wild league is a traditional amateur water polo competition played among teams representing different Dubrovnik beaches. It is played for fun with the main goal being simply to have a good time. The League is played on all of Dubrovnik’s beaches with the grand finale being played in August in Old Town port.

The well-loved tournament was held every year continuously without cancellation since 1995.