Where to Party For New Year’s Eve in Dubrovnik?

New year in Dubrovnik will be celebrated for three days. The celebration starts today, and it will continue tomorrow with the party for the children because to the youth world remains. :)

Two local rock bands will perform today at Stradun – Valetudo and DaRiva. These bands will prepare you for the 31st of December and party that starts early in the morning.

On New Year’s Day, from 10 am passers-by will be entertained by Klapa Ragusa, Dubrovnik brass band, and choir Libertas.

The city has also organized a children’s New Year’s celebration at noon on Stradun. Kids will dance and sing with famous Croatian singer Severina, the same lady who will perform at the same place, in the evening. So in the evening, you are going to celebrate with Severina Kojic, music group Silente from Dubrovnik and DJ Kameny.

On the first day of January 2016, you will be able to listen to Dubrovnik Symphony Orchestra, and vocal groups (klape) Sufit and Cambi.
The rich program guarantees great party and a lot of dance so don’t think too much – come to Dubrovnik and celebrate till morning!