Gastro Presentations and Workshops in the Tourist Board Office

During the Good Food Festival, all visitors will have the opportunity to participate in fourteen themed workshops and lectures for free, designed for all those eager to learn new trends, but also to discover various culinary tips.

Talented Chef Mate Jankovic, one of the members of the jury of the popular culinary show MasterChef, will reveal all the secrets through his two workshops at this year’s festival and show the preparation of top risotto and shrimp preparation.

A young confectioner from Dubrovnik, Antonia Medo, will hold a workshop “Sweet, but heathy!” Antonia, through her dessert-making skills, as the name implies, will show you how to make healthy desserts, gluten-free carob cake and raw vegan sponge cake without sugar, eggs, gluten and milk.

The most famous Croatian dessert chef Robert Hromalić, in co-operation with Kraš, Croatia’s most famous chocolate and confectionery factory, in Le Kolač they developed Griotte, a cake with a core of Kraš’s griotte cherries, a chocolate mousse and a chocolate biscuit, Bajader, in which all the elements work are based on the original Kraš nougat and Ruby Tart from the new Kraš rose chocolate. Especially for the Dubrovnik audience, they will hold a workshop for preparing these high quality desserts.

This year’s festival will again be enriched by guests from “My Kitchen” with a total of four diverse workshops. In interesting and imaginative workshops you will learn how to make traditional soups from Istria and Zagreb to Zagorje, traditional cakes in different versions, Istrian pasta, or fuzi, with prosciutto and truffles, pasta from the island of Krk(or krćke šurlice) and delicious cake, Medimurje layered cake or Međimursku gibanica.

“Aromas and Flavours of Dubrovnik Oranges” is another one of the “sweet” workshops where Jadranka Ničetić and Lucija Tomašić Šarić will teach us how to make a cake of rich and luxurious taste, for guests from the most delicious citrus, orange and almonds.

Lucija Tomasic Saric, Dubrovnik pastry chef and owner of the Pastry Shop “Mala truba,” together with her husband Chef Damir Saric, will hold a workshop for making natural yeast from which to make bread. This very bread, made from sourdough, has a more intense and richer taste, a more complex aroma, keeps fresh longer and is easier to digest.

The fine Dubrovnik chef, Marina Žibert Ercegović, will give a lecture on how to turn a simple meal into a restaurant quality meal, but also advise on how to make a menu and cost list, and Ana-Marija Bujić and Jadran Tutavac will explain and present how a cookbook is created. Learn how to organize material, photos, etc., and sample some of the recipes from the cookbook “Pantarul Home.”

This year’s festival will also feature a guest appearance by renowned French pastry chef, Gilles Bajolle, from one of Dubrovnik’s sister cities, Rueil-Malmaison, who will show all participants how to make a chocolate soufflé and lava cake in two workshops. If you are a chocolate lover and want to learn how to make a simple and perfect cake, join one of these workshops!