How do You Like the New Slogan of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board?

‘Dubrovnik is not going anywhere, it is waiting for you’ makes the new slogan of Dubrovnik’s Tourist Board and the beginning of the brand new campaign to promote our city through social networks.
This promotion will target broadcast markets such as Scandinavia, United Kingdom, Germany, Slovenia… The campaign will also be shown on the Croatian market and will gradually include markets with which direct flights will be established, for which the activation of the Dubrovnik airport is extremely important.
Recently, the Dubrovnik Tourist Board Council was held, and among the decisions of re-branding the promotion of our city, a decision was made to reduce salaries in the Dubrovnik Tourist Board by 15 percent. Tourist Board director Ana Hrnić will create a proposal for a new job classification and reorganization of the work of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board. The Tourist Council also adopted the Statute of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board was adopted as well.