Pssst… Noise Monitoring Installed in Old Town!

In Dubrovnik, on Stradun and Bunićeva Poljana, noise meters have been installed to enhance the quality of life for the city’s residents, especially those in the Old Town.

Over the past years, the quality of life has been compromised by excessive music reproduction exceeding the permitted levels. In September 2022, the City of Dubrovnik began the full implementation of the noise regulation. This decision aims to regulate noise-related issues, and systematic monitoring of all hospitality establishments will continue to ensure compliance with the prescribed regulations.

The implementation of the noise regulation includes monetary fines and the temporary closure of public areas for a duration of seven days. In case of repeated violations by a hospitality establishment, the public area may be closed for 30 days, and after a third offense, the public area may be permanently revoked. The permissible decibel levels are determined by the Ministry of Health’s regulations.

The highest allowable noise level for mixed predominantly residential outdoor areas during the evening period from 7 pm to 11 pm is set at 55 decibels.