Unique Souvenir: Each Bottle is a Miracle of Nature!

A wine called Navis Mysterium is a big Dubrovnik’s secret – the original product that you won’t find anywhere but here, in Dubrovnik’s depts. Its author is Edi Bajurin, and its price is 1500 kn a bottle.
‘This product has nothing in common with imported souvenirs; every detail is created in Croatia. Adriatic sea is ours, the wine – ‘Plavac 2012′ from Janjina, other parts from Pozega, Sisak, Varazdin…’ says Edi Bajurin. His story began 12 years ago when his sister gave him one bottle of wine in old amphora.

‘I was thinking about it for years, together with my friend Ivo Segovic, who produces wines in Janjina. Two of us made a lot of testing and researching and finally decided: all amphoras must be stacked in cages to prevent theft; we had to found the site where the corals, oysters, and algae can grow quickly; the bottles had to stay in the sea for five years at the temperatures from 15 to 17 degrees. Each amphora was checked for about fifty times during the process, before storing in wooden boxes’ explains Edi.

The production of these Edivo wines is very expensive, says Bajurin, and the process is very long. That is why Navis Mysterium with wooden box costs 1,500 kuna.

‘Sales has already begun, and interest is huge. Until the New Year’s Eve we have to deliver 500 amphoras and bottles to the US; we have orders from Hong Kong, the Czech Republic as well, and of course from the Croatia. In the future, Edi is thinking about the less expensive but again useful and unique product – small amphoras with oil. So next time you visit Dubrovnik look for Edi and his souvenirs – you will have a great memory for the rest of your life.