A Campaign to Join: ‘I Am Here Too. Can You See Me?’

Did you know that eating disorders are serious psychological disorders with at least 40 000 people suffering from them in the Republic of Croatia? Did you know that around 10 percent of persons suffering from anorexia die from the consequences connected to the illness?

Did you know that anorexia has the highest death rate of all psychological disorders?

Persons with eating disorders feel guilt, shame, anger. They feel invisible and isolated. Their voice is not heard. Their problems are not recognised. We at Centre BEA are trying to change that, Centre writes.

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The story about the Centre for eating disorders BEA

Centre BEA is available every day throughout the year to persons suffering from eating disorders and their families. Many sufferers consider Centre BEA as the first step they need to take, and it is the most difficult one.
After years of work and experiences in the area of eating disorders, we founded the Centre for eating disorders BEA in 2012 in Zagreb, the Republic of Croatia. Within the scope of our activities, we offer daily support to people suffering from eating disorders and their families, we implement prevention programmes and educate the public via public health projects. Together with experts from Croatia, we have participated in the making of Strategic Guidelines for Improvement of Prevention and Treatment of Eating Disorders in the Republic of Croatia.

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Why did they launch a crowdfunding campaign?

During our work so far, we have noticed that the need for our services is unfortunately increasing. Even though it is generally thought that persons with eating disorders are guilty for their problems, it is important to stress out that eating disorders are serious psychological disorders that can leave deep and permanent consequences, both physical and psychological. Therefore, we believe that every person suffering from eating disorders deserves access to timely support and professional help.

We at the Centre BEA make people become visible, make their voice become heard and their problems recognised.
Even though we have been continuously working from 2012, we still lack adequate space in which we would be able to conduct our activities on a daily basis and offer help and support to persons suffering from eating disorders, and their families.

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How will they spend their funds?

The city of Zagreb provided us with space that needs to be completely adapted and organised for work. In order to achieve our goal we need 20 000 USD and the overall amount of donations will be invested in the construction and decoration of space in which sufferers can continue receiving adequate help and understanding.
Through ongoing activities of the Centre BEA and public lectures, we will continue sharing the awareness about this extremely important social issue that is still not discussed often enough. However, most importantly, we will be available for the people we are here for in the first place – persons suffering from eating disorders.

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Become the part of their campaign „I am here too. Can you see me?“:

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