Around the World: How is Santa Claus Called in Your Country?

Do you believe in Santa Claus (or Father Christmas)? In Croatia, he is called Djed Božićnjak or Djed Mraz. And yes, we do write him letters, leave him cookies, still believe he comes late night on Christmas Eve…

He is more than loved children character, that can be found everywhere in the world. Interesting thing is that he also has many names. Thanks to the BrightSide web page, some of them are collected on a list we attach below.

Croatia: Djed Mraz / Djed Božićnjak

USA: Santa Claus

Great Britain: Father Christmas

Mongolia: Uvliin Uvgun

Italia: Babbo Natale

Belarus: Zyuzya

France: Père Noël

Armenia: Dzmer Papi/Kakhand Papi

Netherlands: Sinterklaas

Germany: Weihnachtsmann

Georgia: Tovlis Babua

Finland: Joulupukki

China: Dun Che Lao Ren

Estonia: Jouluvana

Russia: Ded Moroz

Sweden: Jultomten