Today: ‘Give Back Day’ in Dubrovnik

Awesomeness Fest organises the event called ‘Give Back Day’, a chance for its attendees from nearly 40 different countries to immerse in and give back to the local community through a volunteer project. The event will be held today all over the city.

This year, the Awesomeness Fest team has chosen Dubrovnik Volunteer Center as its local partner in creating a variety of interesting volunteer projects for one whole day.
Painting the walls, beautifying the underpass, planting olive trees, putting in new nets for football goals and playing with the kids in the playground in Mokosica; the creation of a ‘community’ or ‘living’ room within the Vis2 homeless shelter where users can gather for social and recreational activities…
A ‘Giving Tree’ which will collect short and long terms needs from the community including mentorship, sponsorship and coaching needs; medical, education and schooling needs; and short term needs such as attending a class, planting a garden, shopping for the elderly, etc. In turn, the ‘Giving Tree’ was shared with event attendees who can help support the activity or needs that align with their skill set.

Give Back Day is designed by one of Awesomeness Fest’s volunteers Rebekkah Uccellini who creates volunteerism and community projects for organizations ranging from Microsoft to Burning Man.
‘Give Back Day’ takes place during National Volunteering Week in Croatia, from May 18 – 23.
To follow the activities of Give Back Day go to festival’s Facebook page or to Facebook page of Dubrovnik Volunteer center.