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Bryan Ferry To Perform In Dubrovnik

The rumour mill is in overdrive in Dubrovnik with talk of Bryan Ferry performing on the Stradun at the end of September!

The unofficial news comes as Adriatic Luxury Hotels prepares to celebrate 100 years of the Hotel Excelsior and the concert is set to be a gift to the City of Dubrovnik. Looking at Ferry’s tour dates the concert looks likely to be held on the 30th of September as suggested by sources as it falls between his London concert on September 7th and Manchester date on the 25th of October.

Former front man of 70’s glam rock group Roxy, Ferry’s career spans 42 years, his most recent project working on the soundtrack for Baz Lurhman’s ‘The Great Gatsby’. An orchestra usually accompanies Ferry for his live performances which would make his concert on Dubrovnik’s Stradun a true spectacle.