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Buza is the coolest bar on a strange location!

Dubrovnik’s Buza bar joined the list of the world´s best bars located in strange place.
According to Buza bar is the best place for relaxation from the very beginning of May.
‘From Stradun, find your way to Café Bar Buza ( It’s tucked away in a
quiet side street and not easy to spot, so make sure to ask for directions. This tiny, composed venue has a stone terrace that faces the sea. There are steps that lead down to the water, or if you prefer, you can just jump off the lower rocks. There are few areas where you can lay down your towel and catch some rays. Also, plenty of shady areas to sit under if you prefer that’, wrote
We definitely don’t have anything more to add except – when you go to Buza, make sure to bring a towel!