Dubrovnik 4 You: I Hope To Return Because My Heart Belongs to Dubrovnik!

Hello Just Dubrovnik, I will tell you about our wonderful holiday in 1991 in your town. Just before the war started we had a wonderful holiday there, I was with my mum and dad and my son who was only 11 years old then. We had excursions all over the coast. That time I really loved the bay of Kotor, it was stunning!

We also went on a fish picnic on an uninhabited island near Dubrovnik and I remember the fish being the best I’ve ever tasted. The wine in Dubrovnik is delicious as well, I wish I can taste it again…

We stayed at the hotel Adriatic whose staff was so helpful and during that vacation we went on a three island cruises. My vacation in your town was excellent and I tell everyone about Dubrovnik! It is a magical town where every look is scenic and stunning. I hope to return one day because my heart belongs to beautiful Dubrovnik.

Susan Collins