Man Behind the Golden Mask: Claptone is Coming to Dubrovnik!

One of the most popular DJs today, controversial Claptone, will perform in Culture Club Revelin this summer.

Hidden underneath golden bird mask, Claptone heads to Dubrovnik as a part of the ‘Golden Summer’ tour on August 19th 2016.

Claptone is one of the most fluent DJs of today. Non-stop creating, he published his first album last year, with some impressive vocals, such as Peter, Björn & John, Nathan Nicholson… Claptone mixes house, funk, soul, pop with a touch of indie music, and his golden mask makes his performance more intriguing, and his audiences around the world wear the same masks enjoying his music.

His Gregory Porter’s remix was even awarded with Grammy, and Claptone is considered as one of the most popular DJs in Ibiza. He remixed Pet Shop Boys, Klaxons, The Wombats, Faithless, Roísín Murphy, New Order…