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NOTHING BUT THE BEST: Croatian Wines to Elevate the Inauguration of President Joe Biden

At the inauguration of US President Joe Biden Croatia will play an important role, as the guests will be drinking the fines wines from the Dubrovnik region of Pelješac peninsula. As reported by Dnevnik.hr, the wines in question are Zinfandel Benmosche and Dingač Benmosche.

“We are talking about mature, heavy, rich wines, that are of course originally Croatian. Dingač itself can be considered a true medicine, so I am not at all surprised that the experts who are working with the new president have decided on one such wine,” sommelier Siniša Lasan explained.

According to Professor Božo Skoko, it has been scientifically established that the most famous American wine variety Zinfandel originally came from Dalmatia, brought there by Croatian emigrants. Americans usually pay great attention to symbolism, so this is also a great way for them to present themselves as a proud immigrant country.