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Photo Gallery: Wonderful Du Motion Weekend With Runners From All Around the Globe

The fourth edition of the sports and recreation event Du Motion – Runners’ Days Dubrovnik, the two-day event once again offering a program that features the popular Dubrovnik Half Marathon, the challenging City Walls Race, a 5K Charity Race and a Children’s Race, alongside the Du Motion Expo and other accompanying events – has come to its end, collecting 75 thousand Kunas for the Down syndrome association in Dubrovnik.

A member of the AK Dubrovnik, Janez Maroević, is the winner of the 4th edition of the Dubrovnik half marathon running for an hour, 18 minutes and 57 seconds. Second is Mladen Stevanović (Team Friends BiH) – 1:19:42, and the third AK Dubrovnik member Vinko Sliško – 1:20:20.

In the women’s competition first one was Josefin Sjölind-Kohtamäki (1:30:03, 13th overall; from Finland), ahead of Amela Trožić from Bosnia and Hercegovina (1:36:26, 28) and Deborah Walters from the UK (Birchfield Harriers, 1:36:44, 31.).

The 5K race was first completed by Serbian Mikloš Bruner (Team Friends) at 18:38, ahead of BiH’s Emir Hastor (AK Goražde, 18:42) and Yordija Druijff (Amersfoort, 20:08). First lady arriving was Patricia Rueda Plagaro from Spain (25:31, 22nd), later Tatjana Zavasnik (26:12, 29) and Martina Batina from AK Dubrovnik (26:33, 33).

The past three years of the Du Motion event have attracted runners from over 50 countries and this most international Croatian running event is set to reaffirm its status if the numerous queries to date from abroad serve as any indication. Dubrovnik attracts many running and racing enthusiasts with its excellent atmosphere, interesting panoramic routes that pass through the Old City and along the Dubrovnik coast, as well as a variety of racing packages that guarantee a great time and getting to know all of the beautiful parts of the city.