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Six Jug CO Water Polo Players are on the List for Representation

Six players from VK Jug CO are on the list of Ivica Tucak’s representation for the qualifiying rounds of the European Group B for the final tournament of the World Cup against Russia. The match will be played on November 14th at 6 pm in Zadar.

Invited goalkeepers are Marko Bijač (Jug CO) and Ivan Marcelić (HAVK Mladost), defenders are Ivan Buljubašić (Steaua Bukurešt), Marko Macan (Jug CO) and Hrvoje Benić (Jug CO), centers are Josip Vrlić (Barceloneta) and Luka Lončar (Jug CO).

Other invited players are Xavier Garcia (Jug CO), Ivan Domagoj Zović (HAVK Mladost), Ante Visković (Jadran Split), Ante Vukičević (Marseille), Loren Fatović (Jug CO), Andrija Bašić (HAVK Mladost) and Franko Lazić (HAVK Mladost).

Germany is also in Group B, and our players are free in the 2nd round. On January 16th, 2018, we are German’s guests. The Fourth Round is played in Russia on February 13th 2018, and last round, on April 10th, 2018 in Germany. In total, there are three European qualification groups. In the Group A are Serbia, Montenegro and Romania, while in the Group C are Spain, Hungary and Netherlands.

The winners are in the final tournament which will be held in Tokyo in June 2018.