Traditional recipes

Šporki makaruli – Dirty macaroni

Šporki makaruli, or dirty macaroni,  is a traditional dish in Dubrovnik often served on the feast day of the City’s patron saint, St. Blaise. The dish dates back to the days of aristocracy in Dubrovnik when the wealthy would, after having eaten all the best meat for,  mix the remaining meat sauce with macaroni for their servants on feast days and at celebrations. Simple to make and more importantly tasty to eat the dish is ever popular.

– piced beef (or veal) 800 g
– pork fat 100 g
– onions  (choppped) 500 g
– boiled tinned tomatoes 40 g
– red wine
– parsley 25
– cinnamon
– bay
– macaroni pasta 500 g
– cheese (goats cheese or parmesan) 500 g
– pepper
– salt

Fry chopped onions in hot pork fat. When onions soften and become glassy add diced beef. Simmer until the liquid from the meat evaporates completely. Add the boiled tinned tomatoes and stew briefly. Add a splash of red wine and hot water and simmer without covering, stir occasionally. Add the chopped parsley and garlic, cinnamon, cloves, bay leaves, pepper and salt. Continue to simmer slowly for about two hours, depending on the quality and quantity of the meat, adding some hot water occasionally.

Wash the boiled and strained macaroni lightly in lukewarm water, strain thoroughly, poor over melted pork fat, stir and mix with the meat stew. Leave for ten to fifteen minutes so that the ingredients blend well.

When served, sprinkle with grated goats cheese or parmesan.