The Jubilee, 30th ‘Welcome’ Magazine Presented @ Karaka

The 2018 edition of the Welcome to Dubrovnik magazine brings a series of stories that will open the door to Dubrovnik’s past, as well as the present moment of this city and its people. This lovely magazine was presented today at Karaka boat.

‘Welcome’ magazine is the result of great love for Dubrovnik among all those who contribute to its creation. I think we have managed to bring our energy into the magazine, which can be seen in its every issue’, said the editor-in-chief of Welcome to Dubrovnik magazine’, Lidija Crnčević.

Welcome 30th Number 2

When you walk around this city you will understand why American journalist and travel writer David Farley decided to make Dubrovnik his permanent home; it will become clear to you why the top Spanish water polo player Xavi Garcia and his entire family moved to Dubrovnik; you will not be surprised that Dubrovnik’s amateur photographers never leave home without their cameras, nor that the great 19th-century Czech painter, Jaroslav Čermak, called the most beautiful years of his life those spent near Dubrovnik.

inside the magazine is a great story about the interior of the Minčeta Tower which after more than five centuries has been restored and opened to the public, then the one about the small church of St. Stephen, as well as some of the rural farmsteads nearby, if you want to escape the city crowds and enjoy nature.

Welcome 30th Number 1 e1517489323964

Stories like the one about the famous maritime history of the Dubrovnik Republic and its shipyards, like karaka, fullfill the jubilee magazine, stories about kolenda, old cake reciepes, a story about Dubrovnik tourist guides… Story about Luko Paljetak, our contemporary scholar, writer and poet…Stories about Dubrovnik.  What a great invitation to read the newest Welcome.